Investing Reserves

One of our very first accounts was a 10 unit community. As you know, our company advocates investing reserves. At that time, Towne Bank stock was selling for $11 to $13 dollars per share. So, we started purchasing $50.00 a month from funds.
Sadly about 3 years into our investing, the association board changed. We all thought a couple of young and very educated people would truly be interested in the community. However, as our company advocates, “maintenance, maintenance, maintenance” – these people refused to understand their responsibility to the residents. One decided she did not like the pressure put on her, so as is our basic operation, we left the account and they went on to hire a “manager” who quickly went through all of their money. Sadly, considered a crime was the fact that they sold Towne stock while it was in the $18.00 per share realm. Today, those shares in the $30.00 range would have produced enough of an investment to totally eliminate monthly assessment increases while being able to keep up with monthly maintenance.
Of course Towne Bank stock options do not come along every day, however, today we have the introduction of high yielding Municipal Bonds.
Our company is currently concentrating on the investment of these bonds for our clients.
We still offer complimentary consultation for all new accounts. Please feel free to contact us for information regarding the above and other area’s that will save your community thousands!