Of all of the services we provide, maintenance is of the most important.  Proper maintenance will save you the most money!
We have a huge file of association ignorance when it comes to basic maintenance. Here are a few facts:
Link Harbor, Virginia Beach:  Units were built with beautiful Cedar Shingles.  Due to lack of maintenance, the community was hit with a $32,000 (each unit) assessment to replace with cement board and vinyl.
Cape Henry Towers, Virginia Beach:  Lack of biyearly treatment of the Efface on the outside of the building cost owners $3,000,000 in a Special Assessment to repair.
Coastal Walk Place, Virginia Beach:  Contracted with large Power Washing company to service every 5 years at a cost for two buildings at $6,500.  Spot cleaning once per year for both buildings would have cost under $1,000 and would have kept the community looking pristine and saved $1,500.00.  Instead the uninformed board waited until the buildings were covered in mold and filthy before moving.
The majority of managers have no education when it comes to basic maintenance.  They will go along with the opinion of the board members who also have no knowledge.  It is imperative that you get proper advice and education on maintenance.
Touch up painting cost a fraction of over all paint.  Addition of storm doors, protects expensive outer doors which average as much as $3,000 each to replace and install.
Inexpensive filler for cracks in pavement and parking lots can save upwards of $50,000 in repair.
Dryer vent cleaning every few years prevents fires and can save on some insurance policy’s.
Immediate replacement of bushes, trees and flowers that have died improves value of units.
The list goes on for pages.