As a child, Kim was a model for the then top agency, Conover.  Her first job was at 18 months and she continued to work until 15.  At that time, she and a friend, were selected out of thousands to represent a large cosmetic company, introducing a new teen line of cosmetics.  Kim remained in the cosmetic industry, finishing her education which was totally financed by the companies she worked for.  During her cosmetic career she was considered one of the most accomplished women within the industry and became a Vice President at age 31.

She has traveled throughout the world including Europe, Africa, Russia and the middle east where she resided for almost a year.  Her negotiation skills are exceptional with a background to prove it.

In 2004, after returning from Florida, due to a position she carried with Nova South Eastern failed in obtaining the legalities for a Chiropractic College, she found as many do, she was “over qualified” from obtaining a local executive position.  What better choice than practicing Real Estate?  Over the years, Kim obtained her Broker’s license along with 5 additional certifications.  She has taught both Principles and Brokerage for local Real Estate schools.

During this time, Kim’s passions turned to Condominium Law.  Totally dismayed at the lack of laws protecting condominium residents, Kim created the Condo Advisory Group for the Hampton Roads Realtor Association.  These meetings, which were open to the public, turned into a “free for all” of resident owners complaints!  Totally dismayed, Kim’s efforts have turned to assisting small and very large communities the option of education by forming CPS.  Learning the ins & outs of the law state wide, as well as locally, has resulted in communities saving thousands in assessments.

Kim’s passion is to build the value of each and every unit within the communities she consults for.  She is also head bent on joining others of like mind to expand Condominium Law to protect owners from the greed and disregard of many management companies.

Kim together with associates is well known and appreciated for marketing within the Real Estate industry.  She still offers this service which includes pamphlet and flyer design, event open houses, print advertising etc.  This service is well received by Realtors who are associated with companies who do not have a marketing or advertising division.  Personal billing is directed to the Realtor client.