Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance!

For those of  you who follow my blogs, “Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance” is my mantra!
Following my “monthly rule” of walking the property and/or directly during or after a service, you must have knowledge of the work being done or simply, you are a creating a long term expensive problem.
We have included photo’s of derelict management, and members of an association who are totally uninformed and sadly could care less!
Power washing is not a luxury  but simply a necessity.  However, the power washing itself can cause damage.  Note that within the coated post is a solid piece of wood.  When the cap (cost of about $3.00) is damaged or blown away with power washing or simply the wind after a storm, rain will eventually swell this solid post which will crack the coating and cost several hundred dollars to replace.  Could have been avoided for a new cover purchase of  next to nothing.
This community paid upwards of $5,500. to power wash two buildings which had not been done for about 4 years.   Quarterly power washing, would be a few hundred dollars and would have kept the buildings looking clean and smart and not created the damage that was done.  Look at the fence in the far forward of the photo, after just a few months it has mold.  That will get worse in time but the mini minds on the Board of this community will wait a few years than spend thousands to power wash this fence.  Note the lifting of siding on the one of the buildings which erupted after the power washing months ago . .  . still not repaired.  Water will eventually get under this siding and  cost hundreds, possibly thousands to repair.
This community had a painting contract a few years ago for about $1500, to touch up paint.  Now, due to peeling paint,  rotted wood etc.,  you are probably looking at ten times that amount to repair.
See cracked concrete?  You can pick up a crack repair kit at Home Depot or Lowes.  Without follow through this sidewalk will cost thousands to repair.  You, as an owner, will pay for it with an assessment or savings.  Probably an assessment as management companies don’t want to bother to get the approval of owners to invest the money, so your monthly assessment continues to go up while the value of your unit goes down.
CPS’s goal  is to educate condominium owners in order to build the value of their homes.  By following our plan, you can reduce your monthly assessment by at least 20%.  We guarantee that your homes will increase in value by 10% after about a year.
We are always confused as to why our calendar ever has a space!  Our initial consultation is FREE.  AND You can afford us!