You know . . . that weird man or woman neighbor that must always create chaos!
When I created the CONDOMINIUM ADVISORY GROUP for the Hampton Roads Realtor Association, we decided it should be open to the pubic.  For several months our group was inundated with complaints from owner/residents regarding that “exceptional” neighbor who made their lives miserable!
+  Never picks up after his dog and blames everyone else!
+  Decided he wants Direct TV and threatens to sue even though documents prevent the ugly disc from being installed on decks.
+   Does not bother to read docs but insists his/her demands are valid.
+   Walks around the property without a shirt on strutting past the single girls.
+   Always insists on running for Board and darn it, Wins!!
+   Waits outside during Holiday’s checking to see if guests are illegally parked so he can have their cars towed.
+    Points out a single weed that grounds keeper missed and uses nasty vernacular to correct.
+    Refuses to break down boxes before placing in the trash.
+    Purchases a 150 lb. dog which is 125 lbs. over limit in the docs but claims it is a Service dog.
The list go’s on and on.  In fact, we look forward to having you add to our list with that “special person” or person’s within your community who stays up nights thinking of ways to make your life miserable and disturb every association meeting held.
In the near future, we will be holding monthly contests with prizes for the best or worst story told.