Monthly Assessments

Many Association members have never had the opportunity to read the original contract made between the President of the Association and their current management company.  Perhaps the person who originally signed the agreement is no longer President or never shared the information with additional or new Board members. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU READ THE CONTRACT AND RECOGNIZE THE “SMALL PRINT”!
While a small community of 36 units or less may be paying a fee of under $500 per month, by the end of the year, the reality is, you have paid upwards of $12,000 and more in many cases.
Contracts will include charges by the hour for attending meetings.  There will be additional charges for paper, ink, mailings, faxes, e-mails, Newsletters,  property walks, etc., on and on.
Many contracts will include a monthly charge for attorney fees.   This can be as much as $200 per month.  Obviously, this fee should be negotiated out of most contracts.
The CPS Agreement will only include mailing charges at amount charged to us.  If attorney fees are warranted, we have special arrangements with two of the best local attorney’s who specialize in Condominium Law.
Due to the above, we have cut monthly assessments to owners by as much as 40%.
Our Board members truly enjoy becoming Super Hero’s within their community.