Snowed In Condo Jail?

Dear Clients and Friends,
Getting out of “snowed in condo jail” without a pass, will be in order today!
Without exaggeration, our office received several calls from Condo dweller’s who wanted to know why their parking lot and steps were not cleared!  Simple folks, you have a Board or manager who simply does not care!
Did you have money placed in miscellaneous or Reserves for this purpose?  Our telephone and e-mails are set up to help you with this incident.  Looks like many of you took advantage, BUT only in hindsight!
One caller exclaimed that her Board President said, and I quote, “snow removal is a luxury item”,  – my response, get rid of him!  I want to see the word Luxury Item expressed when one of the residents slips or falls and the association is hit with a huge suit.  Especially when a majority of residents are elderly. What were you thinking when you devised your budget?
Please, always feel free to call or e-mail us but if something does not seem right during an association meeting, please do not hesitate to call and allow is to help you BEFORE a mistake is made.